Application: rice, wheat, beans, corn, sunflower seed, rapeseed, sorghum, seeds, and etc

Why do farmers need a dryer?

Prevent grain becomes moldy and sprout When the cloudy and rainy Moldy grains that produce aflatoxin which can cause cancer Aflatoxin can live up to a temperature of 208 degrees Celsius humans can also be infected with aflatoxin when consuming poultry meat consuming food contaminated with aflatoxin Save room for drying

drying using a drying floor at the side of the road may endanger the safety of the driver and can also reduce the quality of the seed

accompaniment full automatic 24-hour delivery can be done during the day cloudy and rainy night one person can drain thousands of tons of grain in a single day.

using a dryer farmers can control their own for storage of fresh grains.

Fresh produce rice harvest is done by a timely and low-temperature drying of fresh rice that can only be used for small packets of rice that have high value and can increase farmers’ income.

only high quality dryer which uses low-temperature dryer but still maintain the level of evenness of drying the moisture content that does not produce rice or yellow batik and also can reduce the level of broken rice.

quality dryer can guarantee the level of evenness of moisture after drying and also prevents losses due Overdrive

Dryer high value-added

In a special design for drying seeds and rice quality. can generate added value and the highest profit for the user is regarded as the most inexpensive dryer.

The theory that produces broken rice of the highest regarded as the basis of the most expensive sales price for broken rice is very low when compared to the selling price of rice quality

Trail to perform Complete combustion has a high-speed drying low fuel consumption and low electricity consumption had the lowest drying costs are considered the most inexpensive bikes

Design for easy use sturdy little maintenance durable design for professional use is considered as the cheapest last

Low Drying Costs

Dryer sunsue can burn biomass fuels such as wood chips husk corn cobs coconut shells and others lower the fuel Ciomas to get low shipping costs

Significantly reduce shipping costs for farmers and could enhance the rural economy by using biomass fuel means caring about environment and energy saving

Diesel fuel and gas can be used as fuel in an area that’s fuel costs

Management and long-term care

Suncue that provides spare parts and long-term service to the customer. Produced in full modulation of computerization and automation spare parts can be 100% replaced Suncue and Global networks worldwide sales is a guarantee for after-sales service